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EntreLínguas (Interlanguages): Brazil 2014. International Visual Arts Exhibition
DOBRA (FOLDING) - "infinite place of time and memories"
This notice is intended to Brazilians and foreigners in whose artistic work concepts and issues related to “folding” are dicussed. It can also permeate unfolding, refolding and its tributaries. These artists are invited to participate in the 5th edition of the EntreLínguas project. The exhibition will take place in December / 2014 in Pelotas, RS / Brazil and brings together works of artists from different and distant places within a logic of collaboration and artistic exchanges.
A few words about “Dobra”: Folding as the infinite locus, of both thinking and narrating time and memories; place to act, or as a way to materialize them into an object of art. This movement can also come about in the infinite locus of unfolding, refolding and its tributaries.  In this concept issues such as subjectivity, culture, current affairs and others can all work together.
When folding, a continent and a contingent are brought together; space, the self, and faith are internalized;  the thing or the self are revisited again and again. On the other hand, luminosity contracts but "folding is to enter the sinking of a world" (Leibniz).
Unfold is to make a horizon, scale down and reduce yourself, point a trajectory, being shifty, create tributaries with possible and impossible speeds of light and color. Refold is thought of as fold back again, repeat. It can be involution, but there can also be impossible, imagined spaces, which are deciphered and decoded by the artist and displayed  to the public.
The proposal, however, does not preclude any work addressing other issues from being appreciated.
What is EntreLínguas?
EntreLínguas ​​is an independent nonprofit project, conceived by artists for artists. An exhibition proposal that accesses unusual experiences among participants. All movement occurs mainly between an artist who proposes a work through description, and another that interprets and carries out what comes to be a dynamic and contemporary form of exchange in the visual arts.
How to participate
To join the artist should make the description of a work addressing some conceptual aspects related to Dobra - unfolds, refolds and its tributaries - with material specifications, dimensions and title, be it a drawing, sculpture, object, painting, installation, printmaking or photograph and send it to the email mostraentrelinguas@gmail.com. The proposal / description / project will be carried out by a local artist. The work will be part of an exhibition and then it will be added to the collection of EntreLínguas.
The EntreLínguas project ​​aims to shorten the relational networks of the arts, create dialogues and exchange experiences between artists and discuss the relationship between art and thought, prioritizing the processes of creation and especially make the work accessible to audiences who rarely could be in contact with them.
The artists will receive the graphic and published material by email. The coordination team will present the proponent and the local artist to each other.
From August 1 to September 30 receipt of proposals. Send to e-mail - mostraentrelinguas@gmail.com
From August 16 to November 20, interpretation and implementation of the description (sent) by  local artist.
December, Entrelínguas exhibition.
From November 17 to December 1, the coordination team will make the presentations by email between the proponent and the local artist.
We appreciate your participation and we are gladly available for any information at mostraentrelinguas@gmail.com.
Francisca Alves da Silva – email (francisrima@hotmail.com)

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